Published on June 15, 2018

Moose Hill Undertaking Wildlife Habitat Management Project

Assessing trees for habitat management project

In early January, Moose Hill was awarded a Wildlife Habitat Management Grant from the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game (Mass Wildlife) to increase upland habitat diversity and improve early successional habitat for plants and wildlife.

Work on the project began in mid-February and will be completed by the end of June.

Impact on Your Sanctuary Visit

We have removed invasive trees and shrubs and thinned some forest edges to increase open field, shrubland, and young forest habitats, facilitate shrub and forest understory regeneration, and to support a healthy and diverse natural landscape within our sanctuary.

Trees marked for removal in habitat management project

Please Note

The fields and forest edges along Billings Loop will be changing over the next few weeks as we complete work on this grant.

Please check in at the front desk for any updates about trails before you head out!