Published on August 23, 2021

AmeriCorps NCCC at Moose Hill

The Metro South region has a wonderful AmeriCorps NCCC team working with us across the region on multiple projects until mid October. AmeriCorps NCCC is a full time, team-based, residential volunteer program for young adults ages 18-24. The program aims to build leadership skills in members and help out communities across the United States through direct service. The team started in Vicksburg, Mississippi for three weeks of training, and arrived in Massachusetts on August 8 as the first of 4 rounds they will complete in the next 10 months.

All 11 AmeriCorps members posing with vegetables in front of a field of corn

Some of the projects the team will be working on here include harvesting at Moose Hill’s organic CSA farm, trail maintenance at Moose Hill, Museum of American Bird Art, and Blue Hill Trailside Museum, and the building of a new trail, Salamander Way, at Stony Brook. The team will also be out and about in the community for “Independent Service Projects'', which are individual volunteer opportunities for the team that do not involve Mass Audubon.

The team is very excited to be a part of Mass Audubon for the next 10 weeks. Many of the team members joined AmeriCorps to be able to see and experience things they never thought they’d get the chance to; being in Massachusetts for only couple of weeks has already given them many new opportunities. A few of the members from the Midwest were able to go to the ocean for the first time, and a handful of members have been able to explore Boston. Also, the staff at the Blue Hills Trailside Museum were able to introduce the team to many of the rescued and rehabilitated wildlife in their care, and working with the CSA farm has given the team access to fresh, organic produce that they would not be able to get in some of their hometowns.  

Overall, the team is looking forward to increasing access to clean food in communities and being able to make trails more accessible. If you see the AmeriCorps team during their stay at Mass Audubon, be sure to say hello! 

All 11 AmeriCorps members standing together on a trail in the woods holding varied trail building tools.

The team, named Bayou 5 consists of (from left to right):

Savana Harrison, 18, from Michigan

Emily Little, 21, from Ohio

Vivi Feiser, 22, from Pennsylvania

Thomas Langton, 26, from Montana

Team Leader, Grace Trembath, 22, from Nebraska

Derek Sykes, 18, from Maryland

Sophia Smith, 18, from Kansas

Adam Bridges, 22, from Illinois

Christof Hinkleman, 24, from Florida

Hannah McElhaney, 18, from Pennsylvania

Mckayla Summers, 22, from Kentucky