Discovery Center Campaign — Project Objectives

View from Long Pasture's beach © Hong Ren Wang
© Hong Ren Wang

Fulfilling Long Pasture's Strategic Mission

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With the successful completion of this Discovery Center Campaign, Long Pasture will have the built-in capacity to serve as the leading destination for high-quality public nature programs as well as the premier source of experiential nature-based education for schools on the Mid- and Upper-Cape. Our enhanced facilities and program offerings coupled with the outstanding scenic beauty and habitat value of our sanctuary will support this vision and our role as an important community resource.

We aim to advance our mission and this strategic vision through a bi-modal approach connected to the seasons. During the summer vacation months, we offer programs for all ages with a focus on the water—"fun that is educational."

During the school year, we will continue to hone our Cape Cod Ecosystem Exploration education and conservation program for schools with a particular emphasis on protecting the Cape’s varied aquatic habitats from climate change and other threats. Our school programs will offer "education that's fun."

With the substantial increase in space and functionality that an expanded visitor center will afford us, certain strategic programming initiatives which were once impossible can become a reality.

Examples include:

  • Nature Explorers Preschool, which will open in fall 2020.
  • Easily accommodate a lab experience for up to 90 students at a time.
  • Properly host special events like our hugely successful Wetland Workshop for Professionals and our annual Enchanted Forest Halloween event.
  • Provide updated, modern space for revenue-earning programs like special events, small professional conferences, rentals, and sanctuary receptions.