Resources for Teachers: Professional Development

Meadow at Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary

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Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary offers a variety of teacher resources, ranging from 10-hour PDP courses to 2-hour workshops, as well as individualized mentorships and consultations.

Programs are available at Long Pasture in Barnstable or at your site. All offerings integrate sound scientific knowledge with practical classroom use and are in alignment with State Standards and Frameworks.

See our teacher opportunities listed or contact us to design a program tailored to your teaching needs.

Current Offerings

10-hour PDP Course: Using Cape Cod Habitats as Your Outdoor Lab

Future Offerings

10-hour PDP Course: Audubon’s Birds: An Interdisciplinary Study of Birds

This course will cover the following topics: The history of John J. Audubon’s field study, the science and the art, basic bird biology, adaptation and behaviors, and using E-bird and Cornell’s Lab Of Ornithology resources to enhance your classroom curriculum.


  • STEM for Preschoolers
  • Field Trip/ Teacher Preparation
  • How to Use Links to Online Curriculums