Published on June 11, 2021

Art Show Reflects a Year of Learning at Nature Preschool

Artwork by Lilian, a student at Long Pasture's Nature Preschool Explorers

Long Pasture's Nature Preschool Explorers program completed its third year with a colorful art exhibit created by the 20 children ages 3-4 that were enrolled this year.

The school is the first licensed nature preschool on Cape Cod. Students spend most of their days outdoors—even in less than ideal weather—exploring and building basic skills in science, math, language, and appreciation of the arts.

A Creative Approach to Teaching

While the exhibit was a fun way to finish off the year, preschool director Diana Stinson says it also reflects what (and how) the children have been learning.

"The art show was a visual expression of the seasonal thematic topics that were explored throughout the year—basic biology, species diversity, and adaptations," Stinson notes.

"All art projects are used as either a reinforcement of skills or an opportunity to explore other learning styles."

The Difference a Year Makes

On the exhibit's first day, children enthusiastically sought out their own displayed work as well as that of school friends. Diana says families have commented about how much their students have grown over the past year.

"One parent told me she was impressed by her son's increased confidence and his ability to teach them about his work and the purpose behind it."

More Information

The sanctuary's Nature Preschool Explorers program is filled to capacity for the 2021-2022 school year. For information about 2022-2023 sessions, please contact Diana Stinson by email.