Published on March 14, 2022

Encouraging Owls at Long Pasture

barn owl

Barn Owls, a Species of Special Concern in Massachusetts, are rare on Cape Cod. But every once in awhile someone spots one. Last summer, a Barn Owl nest was destroyed when the roof of a barn in Yarmouth collapsed. Happily, one of the adults was spotted uninjured and one of two owlets was successfully rehabilitated and released by Cape Wildlife Center.

We've been wondering, are any of those owls still around? Or could Barn Owls from the Vineyard or Nantucket, where they’re more common, find their way over to the Cape?

We’ve had some luck with owls lately. An Eastern Screech Owl nest box at the sanctuary attracted two of the little owls this winter. So, we figured we’d try to find out if any Barn Owls are still nearby and, if so, whether they'd be interested in nesting or roosting at Long Pasture.

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