Published on September 13, 2021

Discovery Center Features Work of Local Artists

Local sculptor Alfred Glover next to his donated creation at Long Pasture's new Discovery Center
Alfred Glover

Long Pasture’s recently opened Discovery Center is both highly functional and beautiful. One reason is the building's numerous art installations, most of them the work of Cape Cod-based artists.

Birds with Hats and Pants

Cataumet sculptor, Alfred Glover, was asked to create the outdoor piece at the building’s main entrance to acknowledge leadership level supporters of the capital campaign that funded the Discovery Center. It was a challenge, given the many names involved.

“I decided to go with an Espalier tree, with a wide trunk and broad, reaching branches,” Alfred says. Perched on the branches are a variety of colorful and playful birds, inspired initially, he says, by a famous cigar box logo. “I wanted them to resemble the prosperous merchants of Amsterdam—broad hats and ruffled collars!”

The result is a perfect example of the highly imaginative, whimsical work Alfred is known for.

The Challenge of Fall Plumage

Local artist Barbara Harmon in front of her shorebird mural inside Long Pasture's new Discovery Center
Barbara Harmon

Painter Barbara Harmon’s murals depict plants and animals with the accuracy of a scientist. But, she admits, birds can be tricky to paint, especially shorebirds during the fall. One of her works, a floor to ceiling mural in the Discovery Center’s reception area, is a coastal scene that includes Laughing Gulls and various species of terns, some in post-breeding or juvenile plumage.

“I can’t believe how many times I had to re-research some species for seasonal and age-related plumage,” Barbara says. “That’s why I love oystercatchers!”

Barbara’s second mural in the building’s auditorium shows a vernal pool community. She says she hopes the artwork inspires people of all ages when they’re out exploring the sanctuary.

“There are hidden gems in these natural habitats. You just have to be curious enough to look.”