Published on January 11, 2023

Birding through the Seasons in 2023

woman with binoculars_Melissa Lowe

Even with new phone apps and field guides for identifying birds’ songs and calls, identifying a bird species can be frustrating for new birders.

Spend Time with a Good Birder

One of the best ways to build up your birding skills is to hang out with experienced birders! This year, you’ll have your chance. Mass Audubon Cape Cod birding ace Chris Walz is kicking off his year-long birding program which features once-a-month trips covering prime birding hot spots at the best times of the year: Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge for spring migration, the Upper Cape’s Crane Wildlife Management Area in June, Race Point in Provincetown in August, and Fort Hill in Eastham during fall migration. Owls and Ospreys are also on the agenda!

Chris says the program help new and intermediate birders to become keen observers and better birders in the field.

“The new phone ID apps are a great and helpful tool to identify birds by sight and sound but they’re limited by the experience of the user,” he says. “By learning more observational skills in the field, you can provide better information to the app to obtain a correct ID.”

Build Your Birding Background

Birding through the Seasons: a 2023 Monthly Birding Series will also include the chance to spend time at a bird banding station to see wild birds at close range and to watch researchers in action. You’ll also get up to speed on using eBird, Cornell University’s global birding database, which uses every birder’s sightings to learn more about bird populations, distribution, and movements. Plus, eBird lets you to find out where and when a given species has been seen.

The year-long program begins this month, but there’s still time to join. Monthly drop-in registration is also possible. This series is designed for both beginning and intermediate birders. See the full schedule and sign-up soon!