Marsh Sediment Deposition Results & Data

With the help of high school and middle school students, Mass Audubon’s Salt Marsh Science Project is able to measure the vertical sediment deposition (gradual pile up of additional layers of sediment) on salt marshes across the North Shore using marker horizons. After one year or more, we go back and measure the amount of sediment accumulated on top of the marker.

Sedimento de pantano

Con la ayuda de los estudiantes de secundaria y preparatoria, el Proyecto de Ciencias del Pantano de Sal de Mass Audubon puede medir la deposición vertical de sedimentos (acumulación gradual de capas adicionales de sedimentos) en las marismas a través de la costa norte. Después de 1 año o más, regresamos y medimos la cantidad de sedimento acumulado en la parte superior del marcador.


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With the help of participating students, we have been collecting data on salt marsh sediment accumulation as it relates to coastal Massachusetts since 2013. Please note that not all sites are monitored each year—the date range indicates the start date and the most recent year data was collected. 

→ You can also download the full data set as an Excel file, and then use the bottom tabs in the Excel file to look at each site.



Monitored By



KMZ File*

Danvers, MA, Mass General 2014-2017 Holten Richmond Middle School Restricted Danvers Map
danv 951 B
Essex, MA, Conomo Point 2017 Museum Institute for Teaching Science Restored, Reference Essex Map
esse 816 B
Gloucester, MA, Eastern Point 2013-2017 O'Maley Innovation Middle School; Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School Restored Eastern Point Map
glouEast 858 B
Gloucester, MA, Mill River 2014-2016 Endicott College Restored Mill River Map
glouMill 777 B
Ipswich, MA, Cedar Point 2014-2017 Endicott College Reference, Restored Cedar Point Map
ipswCeda 768 B
Ipswich, MA, Little Neck Road 2014-2017 Ipswich High School Reference, Restored Little Neck Map
ipswLitt 800 B
Ipswich, MA, Town Farm Road 2014-2017 Ipswich High School Reference, Restored Town Farm Map
ipswTown 961 B
Newburyport, MA, Joppa Flats 2013-2017 Endicott College Reference Joppa Flats Map
newbJopp 908 B
Newburyport, MA, Parker River NWR 2013-2016 Endicott College Reference, Restricted Parker River Map
newbPark 707 B
Rockport, MA, Seaview St. 2014-2017 Rockport Middle School Restored 2, Restored 1 Rockport Map
rock 792 B
Rowley, MA, Railroad Ave. 2013-2017 Endicott College Reference Rowley Map
rowl 809 B
Salem, MA, Forest River 2013-2019 Endicott College, Saltonstall School Restricted Salem Map
sale 840 B
Salisbury, MA, Railroad Bed 2013-2015 Endicott College Reference Salisbury Map
sali 845 B

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