Published on October 12, 2017

Wednesday Evening Lecture: The Healing Power of Nature

Mary Jacobsen, a teacher-naturalist at Joppa Flats, will present a slideshow and lecture about nature's power to heal.

Wednesday, October 18
7:30 pm-8:30 pm

Joppa Flats Sunrise © Jim Fenton
© Jim Fenton

Is nature’s well-being inextricably linked to our own? How is our health impacted when we damage, neglect—or simply never experience—natural environments? Does our health improve when we leave “built” environments behind in order to feel the breeze, listen to songbirds, lift our gaze to a golden sky streaked with stunning cloud formations?

This illustrated, interactive talk presents an overview of a growing body of research on nature’s healing impacts on physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being at all stages of life, for individuals and for communities.

Patients recovering from surgery, for example, heal faster when their room looks out on a natural vista. Mindful forest walking—pioneered and practiced in Japan as shinrin-yoku (literally translated as “forest bathing”)—lowers stress hormones and heart rates.

If we understand nature’s power to heal us, will we be more likely to heal nature in return?

Mary Jacobsen is a clinical social worker who worked as a psychotherapist in Arlington for many years. She has also worked as a teacher-naturalist for Mass Audubon at both Joppa Flats and Drumlin Farm. Mary’s studies about the healing power of nature form a bridge between her professional worlds of psychotherapy and nature.


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