Merrimack River Eagle Festival FAQs

I have little children. Which of the three raptor shows would be appropriate for us?

We recommend the hour-long raptor shows at City Hall for children ages six and up. For families with younger children, we recommend the shorter, more intimate and flexible raptor demonstrations at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge and at Mass Audubon’s Joppa Flats.

What’s the difference between visiting an eagle hot spot and going on an eagle tour?

Whether you drive yourself to a viewing spot, or you travel by van tour, there will be guides in blue knit hats at each site on the map to help you. If you need flexibility in your day, or if you’re travelling with young children, we recommend driving yourself to the hot spots. This way you can arrive and leave according to your own wishes. If your Eagle Festival experience allows structure, or if you’re coming with a group, an eagle tour might be right for you.

Is the Eagle Festival really all free?

Yes, it is. We have several opportunities for you to help with expenses though, and we very much appreciate any donation you can make!

Will I see a Bald Eagle?

If the river is frozen, you’ll have an excellent chance of seeing a Bald Eagle. Otherwise, there’s still a very good chance, and there are plenty of other special winter animals to be seen. We think you’re going to be amazed.