Coastal Ecosystems Field Trip Series (6-8)

Field Trip Series: School-based introductory program followed by a field trip with another wrap-up lesson at your school.

Intro School Program (one-hour) Students will Students learn about a coastal ecosystem and its zonation. This program includes a presentation on rocky intertidal zonation and an opportunity to view and handle a variety of live marine organisms.

Field Trip (multi-hour) On the beach, students will conduct live animal inventories, water sampling, data collection, and population studies.

Follow-up School Program (one-hour) In this one-hour lab session, students will conclude the series with a series of activities, investigations and discussion routines in which they will demonstrate their understanding of the needs of the inhabitants found in a coastal ecosystem and how climate change affects them over time.

Location: School & Joppa Flats Education Center, Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, or suitable nearby community greenspace.

*Special Pricing Program

Allergy Note: This program features live crustaceans, mollusks, and fish.

Program Location(s):

Ipswich River, Topsfield
Your school or other location


6, 7, 8


  • In-School Sessions: Program cost depends on number of classrooms participating (20-30* students or fewer per classroom - no auditorium style programs). The first classroom/group is $205, and any additional classrooms are $155 each. Specialty program fees and mileage not included.
    *Maximum number of students may depend on program.
    Field Trip Session: Program cost depends on number of students and length of program. Mass Audubon charges a flat fee per group of 15 students ("sub-group"). For a two hour program, the first sub-group is $180, and any additional sub-groups are $150 each. Maximum of 6 sub-groups of 15 students or 90 total students. Entry fees to certain field trip locations not included.
    Please contact us for a direct quote.

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