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Over the years, the staff at Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary has provided thousands of environmental education programs for pre-K, elementary, middle, and high school students. Our programs cultivate an appreciation and understanding of the environment and our interrelationships with the natural world.

While we have a number of time-tested standard programs. We strive to work with each school to design and customize a program that fits the needs of your classroom.

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At the Wildlife Sanctuary

Schoolgroup at Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary

Through guided explorations of our woods, wetlands, vernal pools, and fields, students will make inquiries, investigate, classify, think critically, and draw conclusions. Our programs include activities such as using tools, gathering data, and making observations as well as multiple opportunities for hands-on exploration and quiet reflection. Each program will be geared to the age level and curriculum needs of your students. 

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At Your School

Students with plant ID cards

Staff from Ipswich River will visit your class to provide students with a broader understanding of the natural world. Programs may include interactive discussions, specimen study, and educational activities. We’ll explore the woods and/or fields on your school property, if available. Observation skills, seasonal elements, and your local ecosystems are emphasized. Many of our school programs can be taught as a classroom presentation or outdoor exploration at your site.

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Homeschool Programs

a boy with a pond net

Our homeschool program is designed to expose children to the wonders of nature through outdoor exploration, hands-on activities, and scientific inquiry. An emphasis is placed on cooperative learning and students are encouraged to develop relationships with one another through games and team-building activities.

Programs take place entirely outdoors, with the exception of bathroom breaks and in case of sudden bad weather.

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Preschool Programs

A girl drawing on the marsh boardwalk at Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary

Our preschool programs provide wonderful learning opportunities for your four to five-year-old students. The programs are a mix of hands-on activities, experiments, songs, demonstrations, stories and nature walks. Our programs are specially designed to strengthen listening and observation skills while teaching children about the natural world.

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Afterschool Enrichment Programs

Girls painting on trail

Naturalists from Ipswich River can visit your after-school program to lead engaging, fun, and hands-on science and natural history enrichment. Our programs align with Mass STEM standards and are designed to fuel curiosity and inquiry about nature, beginning with the nature they see every day in their own backyards.

Both stand-alone and series programs are available. These offsite enrichments are offered year-round for programs, centers, clubs, and community organizations that provide after-school or out-of-school opportunities for school-aged children in grades K-12.

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Teacher Workshops

Ponding at Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary

Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary provides many professional development opportunities for teachers in natural history and ecology. Let us design a workshop suited to your school’s needs. Our programs will incorporate life science concepts from the Curriculum Frameworks and activities to use outdoors with your students.

We are a DOE-approved PDP provider. Teachers participating in workshops will receive a Professional Development Certificate upon completion of the requirements.

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