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Through field studies and classroom explorations, Mass Audubon school programs provide hands-on, inquiry-based experiences with science content and practices. Our educators enhance students’ scientific understanding of species and habitats; ecological concepts such as food webs, cycles, systems, adaptation, and evolution; climate change; and interrelationships between people and nature. 

Mass Audubon North Shore offers a wide variety of in-person and virtual programs to Pre-K–Grade 12 students across the North Shore and beyond. Under the guidance of our education staff and field teachers, students investigate, explore, and marvel at the wonders of the natural world while enriching their knowledge of life and earth sciences. Our programs cultivate an appreciation for and an understanding of the environment and human interrelationships with the natural world, developing thoughtful, conservation-minded citizens for the future.

Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary encompasses nearly 2,000 acres and more than 12 miles of interconnected trails that invite exploration of forests, meadows, wetlands, ponds, islands, and vernal pools. Eight miles of the Ipswich River meander through the property, creating ample opportunities for quiet water paddling and making this an important place for wildlife year-round. The sanctuary is also part of the Eastern Essex County Interior Forest Important Bird Area and is an important migratory stopover or seasonal concentration site for many different species of migratory birds.

Program Types 

Children with ponding instructor © Charlie Reinertsen
© Charlie Reinertsen

In-School and at the Sanctuary

Whether you want to bring nature into the classroom or take lessons outside, our programs for schools offer insight into New England habitats and native species and enrich natural history and science lessons while strengthening students’ connections to the environment.

Ipswich River offers field trip programs for schools at the wildlife sanctuary, in-school programs led by a Mass Audubon teacher naturalist, and hybrid programs that incorporate both an in-class and in-the-field experience. Download the  North Shore School Programs Brochure to learn more about our offerings and contact us for assistance choosing or designing the right program for your needs.

Teacher Professional Development

An educator examines an invertebrate using a hand lens during Nature School for Teachers professional development program

Mass Audubon’s Professional Development programs are designed to increase content knowledge, provide teachers with hands-on, STEM-focused learning experiences, and offer resources for teaching engaging, inquiry-based science lessons in the schoolyard or classroom. In-person and virtual workshops are available, along with consulting and site visits.

Mass Audubon works with districts and schools to engage Pre-K–Grade 12 teachers in meaningful professional development experiences that immerse teachers in the science of nature and the nature of science, furthering teacher expertise in nature-based learning, climate change, environmental literacy, environmental justice, and inquiry-based science. Our instructors are experienced educators, deeply interested in the experiences of teachers, and able to relate to the challenges of classroom teaching.

Mass Audubon offers both school-based PD programs to engage an entire grade level team or department in a deep dive on a particular topic or unit, as well as virtual and in-person public workshops throughout the year that are open to any educator. For an immersive experience, try one of our professional development Summer Institutes! 

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