North Shore Teen Naturalist Club at Ipswich River

Teen Conservation Club members on excursion

Teenagers looking for a place to help build and strengthen a strong environmental ethic can get real behind-the-scenes conservation experience as part of the Teen Naturalist Club.

As part of this group, teens ages 13-18 learn about the challenges of environmental conservation, education, and advocacy and are empowered to take part in real science and conservation work that focuses on issues they care about.

One or two Saturdays each month during the fall, winter, and spring, club members try their hand at projects ranging from monitoring wildlife and installing trail cameras on the wildlife sanctuary to setting up salamander cover-board arrays and pulling invasive pepperweed in salt marshes on the coast.

In addition, club members spend time hiking, birding, and connecting with other nature-loving teens. 

To learn more or to join the club, contact us.