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Looking for a place to have a fun and memorable birthday for your child? Ipswich River offers birthday party programs for children of all ages from September to mid-June. 

Enjoy an educator-led exploration of the sanctuary with plenty of time to enjoy cake and presents in our Nature Center or Barn. Parties last for two hours, with an additional 15 minutes for set-up and 15 minutes for clean-up. 


September to mid-June

  • Tuesdays through Fridays—afternoons until closing
  • Saturdays & Sundays—10:00 am-Noon or 1:30 pm-3:30 pm

NOTE: Afternoon parties are not available in April, May, June, September, or October.

Program Schedule

2.5 hours total (includes set-up/clean-up)

  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the party start-time to set up/decorate the indoor space as you would like (tables and chairs provided).
  • Once guests arrive, the party starts with a 1-hour hike and/or activities with a Mass Audubon teacher naturalist.
  • After the hike, you have 1 hour for indoor celebration with presents, food, your own activities, etc.
  • Please take the last 15 minutes or so to pack up and clean.
  • No balloons, glitter, or piñatas, please!


$175 Members • $240 Nonmembers

Full payment is due at the time of booking, of which $50 is a non-refundable deposit. Please note that there is a maximum limit of 15 children (including siblings).

Birthday Party Themes

Choose from any of the themes listed below. You may also request a custom program of your choice for an additional fee of $25.

Habitat Hike

Party guests will explore the many different habitats of the sanctuary. We’ll take a closer look at what the plants and animals are up to during your birthday season. Hands-on discoveries await!

Pond Dipping

Discover the creatures that wriggle and swim in the waters of our sanctuary. Equipped with nets and buckets, we will hike to the wetlands and catch creatures from the water’s edge.

Backyard Birds

Using binoculars we will observe birds in our bird garden, climb up high in the observation tower, and find our feathered friends out on the trails. We’ll take a closer look at feathers, nests, and bird mounts. Using observational skills we will start to identify some of our local birds.


Discover what life is like as the largest rodent in North America. We will observe a beaver mount up close and look for real beaver lodges, dams, and scent mounds. You might even hear one slap its tail!


Become a wildlife biologist as we hike the trails to see where owls live. We’ll learn about their hunting adaptations, calls, view owl mounts, and the birthday child will dissect a real owl pellet!

Animal Tracking

Party guests will learn about tracks and the animals that made them. Snow or no snow, signs of wildlife abound. Learn to identify animal tracks, then try to walk like a fox or bound like an otter. We’ll also explore forest trails and meadows in search of chews, burrows, and scat.

Insects & Spiders

Have you ever wondered why bees buzz and crickets chirp? Then join us as we fly, jump, and crawl through the fields and gardens of the sanctuary. Using nets and bug boxes we’ll search for butterflies, grasshoppers, beetles, and more!

Life Under Rocks & Logs

Who hides under the rocks and logs of the sanctuary? Is it a centipede? A salamander? Party guests will explore the hidden treasures under the surface of the forest using bug boxes and hand lenses.