Solar Energy at Ipswich River

Solar array at Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary

Ground-Mounted Array

In the spring of 2006, Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary made a major commitment to green electricity by installing a 60 panel photovoltaic array (9.9 kW) that produces the equivalent of 50 percent of its electricity. The photovoltaic array began reporting energy production through PowerDash in the spring of 2012.

When combined with the energy produced from the Conservation Barn array, this system generates 17,654 kWh per year—which means 127% of the sanctuary’s electricity produced from solar.

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Conservation barn at Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary with solar array
Conservation Barn Array

To increase the sanctuary’s solar capacity, in September of 2013, Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary installed a second (14kW) photovoltaic array.

The 42-panel, 335-watt array was designed and installed by New England Clean Energy of Hudson, is located on the south-facing roof of Ipswich River’s Conservation Barn, the wildlife sanctuary’s state-of-the art (and energy efficient) operations/maintenance facility. 

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