Camping & Canoeing at Ipswich River

At Ipswich River, Mass Audubon members benefits include renting canoes, camping on Perkins Island, or staying in our rustic cabin, the Innermost House.

COVID-19 Update 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ipswich River has suspended all canoeing and camping at the sanctuary until further notice.

Canoeing on the Ipswich River (Photo: Carol Decker)
Photo: Carol Decker

Canoes are available for rental May 1 through October 31 to Mass Audubon members on a first-come, first-served basis. Learn More

Perkins Island

Perkins Island is the sanctuary's only camping area providing a wilderness-type setting at the sanctuary for canoeists. Camping is available to individual family member(s) and youth groups. Learn More

Innermost House © Susan Grimwood
© Susan Grimwood

The Innermost House is a small, rustic cabin located on the sanctuary property that provides a pioneer-like experience at night. It's available for rental year-round to Mass Audubon members only. Learn More >