Camping & Canoeing at Ipswich River

At Ipswich River, Mass Audubon members benefits include renting canoes, camping on Perkins Island, or staying in our rustic cabin, the Innermost House.

Innermost House © Susan Grimwood
© Susan Grimwood

The Innermost House is a small, rustic cabin located on the sanctuary property that provides a pioneer-like experience at night. It's available for rental year-round to Mass Audubon members only. Learn More >

Canoeing on the Ipswich River (Photo: Carol Decker)
Photo: Carol Decker

Canoe rental season begins Memorial Day weekend! Available Tuesday through Sunday, and Monday holidays based on availability, weather permitting. Learn More

Perkins Island

Perkins Island is the sanctuary's only camping area providing a wilderness-type setting at the sanctuary for canoeists. Camping is available to individual family member(s) and youth groups. Learn More