About High Ledges

Pink Lady's Slippers in bloom at High Ledges Wildlife Sanctuary © Richard Johnson
Pink Lady's Slippers © Richard Johnson

Enjoy the spectacular views of the Deerfield River Valley and Mount Greylock from the ledges at the end of the sanctuary road. Spring is the best time to see many wildflowers, although the entire flower season offers both common and uncommon wildflowers and ferns. 

Some trails may be strenuous, but the views are worth it!



Trail Mileage

5 miles
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Sanctuary Highlights

  • Excellent vistas of the Deerfield River Valley and Mount Greylock from the ledges.
  • Stunning diversity of native wildflowers and ferns.
  • Wolf's Den, a geologic feature where local lore has it that the last Eastern Wolf in the region was exterminated.
  • The vernal pool near the sanctuary road, where Wood Frogs and Spotted Salamander egg masses can be found in spring.
  • Programs occasionally offered through Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary.


Off Patten Road, Shelburne, MA 
Parking is limited—please come back later if both lots are full. 

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Trails: Open daily, dawn to dusk


Free, donations appreciated