Habitat Nature Day Camp | Program Descriptions & Hours

Habitat campers collecting specimens outdoors

We encourage campers to explore their surroundings and discover new interests and talents. We want them to question and challenge their understanding of nature and their place within it. And we strive to create a community that connects campers in lasting friendships. One- and two-week sessions have campers ages 4–15 exploring trails, discovering nature, and venturing to new places.

Camp Hours

  • Half-Day: 9:00 am–Noon (Ramblers only)
  • Full-Day: 9:00 am–3:00 pm (Pathfinders and Slime & Scale session only)
  • Full-Day: 9:00 am–3:30 pm 
  • After Camp Option: 3:15–5:30 pm (available to all full-day campers)

Nature Camp Sessions │ Theme Camp Sessions 
Teen Sessions | Teen Volunteer Opportunities

Two-Week Nature Camp Sessions (ages 4–14)

Half-Day (age 4)

Ramblers (entering Pre-K)
Staff-to-Camper Ratio: 1 to 4
Spend the morning rambling through the woods. Use your senses to investigate the world around you. Get to know the plants and animals that can be found at Habitat as well as in your own backyard. This camp day ends at noon; must be age 4 by June 1.

Full-Day (ages 5–14)

Pathfinders (age 5)
Entering K
Let’s discover Habitat! Choose a path to follow and uncover Habitat’s secret places. Go on a hike to search for critters in the places where they live and grow. Learn what makes different animals unique and what we have in common with them. This camp day ends at 3 pm; must be age 5 by June 1.

Explorers (ages 6–9)
Entering Grades 1–4
Dive into Turtle Pond. Crawl under logs. Hide in the meadow. Climb through the forest layers. Visit Habitat’s many different habitats to find out who lives there and how they survive. Choose from a variety of afternoon activities, such as nature crafts, cooking, outdoor skills, science projects, hikes, and fun games. Finish the day with camp songs, silly stories, and a visit from the Trash Basher and his trusty side-kick.
Ecologists (ages 10–12)
Entering Grades 5–7
Want to deepen your understanding of how nature works? Through explorations of Habitat and nearby conservation areas, take a closer look at soil, water, plants, ecosystems, predator/prey relationships, and climate change. Learn valuable team building and orienteering skills. Explore the Ipswich River in Topsfield by canoe. Complete the experience by sleeping under the stars at Habitat. 
Trekkers (ages 12–14)
Entering Grades 7–9
Expand your horizons and discover habitats beyond Habitat. Go hiking, canoeing and camping to investigate the natural and cultural history of rivers in New England. 

  • Trekkers Day Trip Examples: Charles River, Connecticut River, Ipswich River, Merrimack River
  • Trekkers Camping Trip Examples: Boston Harbor Islands, Connecticut, New Hampshire, North Shore, Topsfield, Western MA

One-Week Theme Camp Sessions (ages 5–9)

Slime & Scale (age 5)
Entering K
Slither, slide, fly, and hide. From reptiles and amphibians, to butterflies and slugs, to mushrooms and algae, discover why slime and scale are important for survival. Meet Habitat’s resident slimy and scaly inhabitants! This camp day ends at 3 pm; must be age 5 by June 1. 

Nature Detectives (ages 6–9)
Entering Grades 1–4
Are you a good detective? Do you have eyes like an eagle, a nose like an opossum or ears like a fox? Practice using all your senses to discover the kinds of animals that live at Habitat. Uncover how to identify animals by their tracks and what they have left behind. At the end of the week, apply your new skills to solve a nature mystery.

Teen Sessions (ages 14–15)

Expeditioners (ages 14–15)
Entering Grades 9–10
Are you ready for a challenge? Explore farther, observe closer, and take nature discovery to the next level. Spend two weeks immersed in the ecology of New England rivers. During week one, paddle on the Ipswich River to Perkins Island for a two-night camp-out. The following week, get to know the Saco River from source to sea on a week-long camping trip. Learn techniques to examine water quality and biodiversity as well as useful camping skills.

Teen Volunteer Opportunities

Leaders-in-Training (ages 14–16)
Entering Grades 9–11
Are you looking for something fun to do this summer? Do you enjoy working with children? We have just the program for you! Gain valuable work experience and community service hours as you assist our teachers in leading nature activities and supervising campers enrolled in our Pathfinders and Explorers programs. Leaders-in-Training (LITs) play games, read stories, participate in skits, and prepare materials for activities. Each LIT has the opportunity to lead an activity with campers. 

Please Note: To be eligible for this volunteer program, LITs must participate in a one-week training session and must be available for at least one, two-week session of camp. LITs will receive additional information and forms upon registration. Please contact the Camp Director for more information.

Optional After Camp Program

3:15–5:30 pm

After Camp is an optional extended-day program for our full-day session attendees.* Campers will be given a snack and have the opportunity to choose from activities such as hiking, free play, arts and crafts, and nature games. 

Preregistration is required. Select desired dates for this optional program during checkout when enrolling online. 

*After Camp is not available for Ramblers.

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What Others Are Saying

“The staff is really impressive, as are the activities and organization while still allowing for freedom and exploration.”

“He adores the games they play and meeting friends, learning about nature—I like the friendliness, professionalism, and energy of the staff.”