Aquatic Invertebrates for Grades 3-5

Some insects begin their life in water and morph into flying adults.  Find out more about fascinating life-cycles of some familiar insects.  You might be surprised to discover the aquatic beginning of life for a number of organisms.

This interactive program takes place in a 3 station format.

Program Location(s):

Your school or other location


3, 4, 5


  • $140.00 per hour
    $30.00 live animal fee
    $20.00 travel outside of our immediate area

Curriculum Frameworks:

3-LS1-1 - From Molecules to Organisms--Structures and Processes - life cycles
3-LS4-3 - Biological Evolution--Unity and Diversity - env. constraints on organisms survival
4-LS1-1 - From Molecules to Organisms--Structures and Processes - animal/plant, internal/external structures

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