Published on October 25, 2022

Habitat Gallery Art Exhibition—October

Swabler © Ray Paradiso
© Ray Paradiso

Oil paintings of nature by Ray Paradiso.

On display November 1–31, 2022

Mass Audubon Habitat Education Center & Wildlife Sanctuary Gallery presents their November show featuring paintings by Ray Paradiso. 

About the Artist

As a painter, my experience of the landscape inspires me. Trees in particular are my muses. In a grove backlit by the setting sun, each tree casting long shadows, I see abstract shapes, geometric forms, and the juxtaposition of color. Departing from direct representation, I use varying degrees of abstraction, intense color, and active surfaces to create dynamic expressionistic compositions. My work relies on the impression it conveys and invites the viewer’s imagination to run free.

As I apply oil paints in bold brushstrokes, often using a palette knife to build texture, I don’t have a preconceived notion of how the painting will look when it’s finished. Sometimes scraping paint off or wiping away aspects of the composition yields a surprising transformation, or reveals a subject’s true essence. Every painting is a roller coaster ride, a struggle to balance learned technique and discipline while following the ever-changing image in my mind, and letting the painting dictate what it will be.

Melange © Ray Paradiso
© Ray Paradiso

I have lived in the Boston area for decades but now with two daughters living in Denver, I have a second residence near Jefferson Park near downtown Denver and now travel back and forth between the two.

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