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Goat in yellow flower patch

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Habitat’s resident Nigerian Dwarf goats provide ecological care by clearing several acres of meadow land each year, reducing carbon emissions and removing invasive species. The goats also provide important educational opportunities for countless visitors of all ages.

While the goats provide important work at Habitat, they can’t pay room and board—it costs at least $4,000 a year to maintain the health and happiness of the entire herd.

The care of these goats is largely volunteer-coordinated and is entirely funded by donations from our amazing supporters! 

Please help us keep our goats healthy and happy by making a gift today!

$25 Provides the goats with 2 bales of hay
$50 Keeps the goats warm for 5 months with several bags of shavings
$100 Helps the goats stay safe with 2 panels of electric fencing
$250 Provides a full year of rabies protection for all 8 goats AND covers the cost of a physical exam for 1 goat
$500 Supports all the needs of 1 goat for a whole year