Nature Play Area at Felix Neck

Nature Play Area at Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

What is a Nature Play Area?

Nature play areas add more ways for people to connect with nature by encouraging self-directed, informal play.

Unlike static, traditional playgrounds, nature play areas give children the chance to solve problems and construct their surroundings through natural elements and unstructured exploration.

Explore Felix Neck's Nature Play Area

Two nature play areas invite exploration.  Small and cozy describes the first area enclosed by pine trees. Through a woven bittersweet vine tunnel find a picnic table that represents the life cycle of a butterfly (i.e. benches shaped like a caterpillar and cocoon).  Further along, there's a butterfly garden where you can search out the stages up close and personal.

Looking to get more physical? Build small and large shelters, jump stumps, or play hide-and-go-seek among the trees. 


At the beginning of the entrance trail, head to the right through the vine arch. Continue down the entrance trail and go left just before the information kiosk for the stump jump and building area.

Good to know

Try your hand at nest building! Next to our stump jump you'll find materials and framework ready for you to build your very own human-sized bird nest.