Published on December 23, 2019

Felix Neck 2019 Year in Review

Cover of Felix Neck's 2019 Annual Report


It is difficult to say what I am most proud of this year. Fern and Feather Preschool comes to mind, but then there is the high number of fledged shorebirds (a record in my 14 years); the new equipment building (with solar panels soaking up the sun); the intern program for young adults with special needs; Felix Neck's collaborative Climate Education Initiatives that include community climate cafes, youth climate summits, and leadership in the collaborative Island Climate Action Network (ICAN); Felix Neck's staff and their great work; and the volunteers and their commitment of time and talent.

Whew, what a list!

As much as I want to share these accomplishments, what is really most important is that they are in response to the needs of the community, the Island, and the planet.

We opened a preschool because of the shortage of early elementary education options on the Island and see the real need through the eyes of the more than 85 families on our waitlist. A grant was developed, funded, and implemented to provide young people with special needs an opportunity to develop skills and confidence to take a step toward employment and independence. Climate education and advocacy must be more than just talk—that is why we have installed more solar panels and are working with students and adults to make concrete plans for adapting to and mitigating the climate changes and their effects that are coming.

Most importantly, we can't do this work alone. Felix Neck, Mass Audubon, and you are a dynamic group that cares deeply and believes in the power of nature and the power of us to save what we hold dear. 

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm for this work. Stay tuned for some really special events in honor of our 50th anniversary as a sanctuary protecting wildlife and sharing nature. Learn about the Felix Neck Forever Fund >


Suzan Bellincampi
Sanctuary Director