Published on July 16, 2020

Sanctuary Supper at Home—Eat for the Planet

Chef Ky Keenan preparing a dish in a client's home kitchen

Climate change. Biodiversity. Human health. What's the connection? Food. 

Are you hungry for change? Join Felix Neck and wellness entrepreneur Ky Keenan, the founder of Not Your Sugar Mamas, Frankie's Flatbreads, and Well Retreats, to bring high-vibe living Plant-Based Experiences into your home. 

Choose from our 4 curated experiences for up to 10 guests that can be hosted as a brunch, lunch, or dinner in the privacy of your home. This fantastic event will be the highlight of your summer—all for a good cause! Half of the fee for these events will support Felix Neck's climate education, conservation, and advocacy programs on Martha's Vineyard. 

The goals for these unique events are to:

  • Highlight sustainable and climate friendly food choices that foster an appreciation for the connection of how we eat to our own personal health and the health of the planet.
  • Support Felix Neck's climate change education and outreach programs
  • Partner with local farmers, producers, entrepreneurs, and businesses to sustain and enrich the year-round Martha's Vineyard economy.

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A mocktail party for the senses

  • $5,000 – full service, 2-hour event
  • $3,500 – drop off & Zoom introduction with Chef Ky Keenan

Enjoy hand-crafted cocktails infused with local wild herbs and pure, organic CBD tinctures paired with a deliciously colorful array of plant-based small bites. Chef and holistic nutritionist Ky Keenan will share the health benefits of CBD and why these mixtures can infuse a feeling of euphoria and relaxation and introduce you to the curious world of medicinal herbs and plants.

Savory Soirée
With medicinal mushrooms

  • $6,000 – full service, 3-hour event

Eat your way through the miraculous kingdom of mushrooms. The first course is a sumptuous plant-based charcuterie board of dreams with aged plant-based cheeses, dips, and spreads including a cashew Roquefort, smoked walnut pate, and more. These delights will be partnered with apoptogenic cocktails. Enjoy Chef Ky Keenan’s signature Shroom offerings that infuses unique mushrooms like cordyceps and reishi see blended with wild edible herbs. 

The meals soul is a basket full of all sorts of exotic mushroom steaks in curated marinades to bring out their unique flavors. The steaks will be BBQ on-premise (you will need a grill) and served with an array of savory and sweet sauces, side salads, grilled bread. For dessert, we’ll introduce you to our mushroom-infused truffles (that you won't taste the mushroom!) and Not Your Sugar Mamas' high vibration, organic chocolates.

Chef Ky Keenan believes these special fungi provide benefits to your energy, brain, hormones, and immune system. You can experience how incredible mushrooms can make us feel!

Paella Party 
A plant-based extravaganza of tastes

  • $10,000 – full service, 4-hour event  

Ky spent years living in Barcelona where she discovered her love of cooking and the craft of using herbs and spices to produce deep, rich flavorful meals. Your Paella party is designed to start in the late afternoon and languish into the evening. To begin, graze boards of plant-based plant-based cheeses, and garnishes, olives, and bread, and then enjoy tastes of artisanal Tapas paired with fresh Island-inspired sangria. For the main meal, our team will build your colorful, delicious Paella over an open flame—guests are welcome to participate! 

The event includes full service by our team, live music with a local musician(s), and special "celebration" pack.