Published on February 28, 2020

Sanctuary Receives Challenge Grant Supporting Solar Panels & Climate Education

"You must unite behind the science. You must take action. You must do the impossible. Because giving up is never an option." 
—Greta Thunberg

Sanctuary Director Suzan Bellincampi stands in front of Felix Neck's first solar array
Felix Neck's first solar array

Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary on Martha's Vineyard has been awarded a $30,000 TernSOLAR challenge grant from the Tern Foundation to install a second array of solar panels on their new Equipment Barn roof, supporting the sanctuary's goal to achieve net zero energy consumption.

Nurturing Nature Heroes

For over 50 years, Felix Neck has been at the heart of the Island's conservation and education movement, sharing nature and raising generations of environmental stewards. Recent activities have included greening the facility and operations with a renewed focus on climate education initiatives for youth and adults. In 2008, Felix Neck installed its first solar panels to reduce the sanctuary's reliance on energy from fossil fuels. 

The TernSOLAR challenge grant provides an opportunity to install a second set of panels, bringing the sanctuary closer to net zero and allowing the facility to be an example and inspiration to younger generations and the community they serve. 

Students at Felix Neck's 2019 Youth Climate Summit
2019 Youth Climate Summit

Meeting the Challenge

In order to receive the funding from Tern Foundation, Felix Neck must raise a matching $30,000, which will be earmarked to support their climate education activities.

Sanctuary Director Suzan Bellincampi explains the outreach focus of their Climate Education Initiatives, "Last spring 200 students came to Felix Neck for a Youth Climate Summit to learn from experts and from each other. The event resulted in making important connections to work toward combating climate change and its effects."

"To enhance the program, we also host our community Climate Cafés to talk about local and global issues and opportunities. Last year, another 200 people attended, continuing to bring people together to offer ideas, resources, and solutions. The TernSOLAR challenge grant is an opportunity to not only fund the new solar array, but also invites our community to help support these vibrant programs."

For information about Felix Neck's Youth Climate Initiatives, the Tern Foundation's TernSOLAR Challenge Grant, or Felix Neck's solar installations, go to or contact Suzan Bellincampi by email or at 508-627-4850.