Published on February 10, 2021

Sanctuary Director's Message

A few Fern & Feather preschoolers enjoying the snow while wearing face masks

The sun shining over a wintery, white, snow-covered sanctuary landscape gives me hope (and vitamin D), and the shouts and swishing sounds of snowsuit clad Fern & Feather preschoolers give me joy.

Proud is another emotion I feel when I see how Felix Neck staff and volunteers have persevered and served the community in so many ways. 

Our preschool teachers have become essential workers, providing needed childcare for Island families, our naturalists offer opportunities for respite for children who have overdosed on screens and are isolated from their friends and social groups, and our property manager makes sure the road is clear and the trails safe and inviting. It is a team effort.

Excitement, too, is in the air for all of us at Mass Audubon. Through a strategic reorganization our local reach has expanded. The only thing better than an Island is two Islands. Felix Neck and Nantucket Sanctuaries have come together to become the Islands team, sharing ideas, resources, and staff. 

Beyond busting the historic Island rivalry, we hope the partnership will strengthen relationships, increase effectiveness, and broaden our reach. Already we have introduced high school students from both Islands to work collaboratively on Climate Cafés and a joint Climate Summit. 

Even with the snow cover, it is hard not to notice the birds beginning to sing, the day lengthening, and spirits rising as we look to spring. Nature, it seems, is still the best medicine.