Kayla Smith - Environmental Education Volunteer

Volunteers come in different guises and with different goals. At Felix Neck, there is no ‘typical’ volunteer, we are fortunate to have folks of all ages working with us. In addition to a few dedicated and knowledgeable older volunteers, there is a brilliant young woman working with us who has anything but time to spare!

Kayla Smith is a senior at the University of New Hampshire, majoring in environmental conservation. She spends her summers working on the Vineyard and was looking for an organization to volunteer with to fulfill a requirement for graduation. She’d heard of Felix Neck as being “a cool place” and gave us a call. 

Growing up in New Hampshire in a home with no TV, she spent much of her time playing and exploring outdoors, reveling in its natural beauty. At Felix Neck she has helped with several programs including a wild edible food festival, counted rare plants, and learned about various invasive species such as spotted knapweed.

Her family is proud of their energetic and ambitious daughter and we love having her youthful perspective. All this and college credit, too!