Salt Marsh Science Technology Teacher Training High School

Technology Training. Learn to enter and analyze fish, vegetation, and salinity data. Explore the resources available on Mass Audubon's Salt Marsh Science Website. Practice using "Data Nuggets" lessons to aquaint yourself with great educational resources based on local data.

Program Location(s):

Your school or other location


9, 10, 11, 12


  • $125.00 per contact hour if not grant funded.

Curriculum Frameworks:

HS-ETS1-2 - Engineering Design - deconstruct complex real-world problem
HS-ETS1-3 - Engineering Design - evaluate solution to complex problems
HS-LS2-2 - Ecosystems--Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics - (a)biotic factors and biodiversity
HS-LS2-7 - Ecosystems--Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics - human activities affect on ecosystems

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