ZZ Native Pathways: 2 hour (grades. 1-3)

Investigate the interdependence of people, land, and wildlife through a variety of hands-on activities. What is our relationship to the first people who lived here? Compare and contrast our current way of life and how it has changed over the centuries through our use of land, resources, and technological developments.

Program Location(s):

Drumlin Farm, Lincoln


1, 2, 3


  • Children - $ 10.50
  • Adults - $ 10.50

Curriculum Frameworks:

1-ESS1-2 - Earth's Place in the Universe - id relationships among seasonal patterns
2-LS2-3 (MA) - Ecosystems--Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics - how plant/animals depend on surroundings
3-LS4-3 - Biological Evolution--Unity and Diversity - env. constraints on organisms survival

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