Changing Landscapes Outreach (gr. 2-4)

Explore evidence of the short-term and long-term changes in the landscape by examining signs of erosion and weathering, glacial features, and soil composition.

Program Location(s):

Your school or other location


2, 3, 4


  • Standard In Person Outreach
    30 mins: $125.00 (2 program minimum)
    45 mins: $175.00 (2 program minimum)
    1 hour: $205.00
    Night and Weekends: $250/hr
    *Prices do not include travel fee

Curriculum Frameworks:

2-ESS2-1 - Earth's Systems - wind/water's effect on land
2-ESS2-4 (MA) - Earth's Systems - observe how wind/water shape landforms
4-ESS1-1 - Earth's Place in the Universe - erosion and deposition shapes landscape
4-ESS2-1 - Earth's Systems - mechanical weathering

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