Beekeeping at Drumlin Farm

Bees at Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary

Have you heard the buzz? Drumlin Farm has a sustainable beekeeping program!

Our eight bee hives—located all around the farm—are maintained by Drumlin Farm beekeper Mel using an all-natural, chemical-free approach.

Our Hives

We currently have two different types of hives—traditional Langstroth hives, which maximize honey production, and Warre hives, which reduce the need to disturb the bees when collecting honey. In 2016, we installed a Slovenian hive and a Flow hive to continue experimenting with and educating about various methods of beekeeping.

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Hives are located in Boyce Field, the Learning Garden, behind the Nature Center, and in the sugar bush. Find them on your next visit!

Our Programs

We are dedicated to educating our visitors and raising public awareness about the importance of bees and pollinators. Not only do our hives help to ensure good pollination for our crops and native plants, but they also are integral in our education programs.

Our exciting bee-related programs for all ages offer an engaging way to learn about bees and beekeeping.

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Drumlin Farm honey

Our Honey

We are proud to be a source of raw, all-natural honey!

A typical hive can produce up to 200 pounds of honey per year, and requires around 60 lbs to live through the winter. That means we could collect as much as 140 lbs per hive—that’s 1,120 lbs total!

Taste the delicious product of our busy bees for yourself! Our honey is available for purchase at the Drumlin admissions window as well as the Farm Stand (open seasonally).