Published on March 28, 2018

Join Us for Adult Birding Trips All Over North America

Birding in Nantucket on the beach
Birding on Nantucket

Bird species vary greatly in habitat, behaviors, and physical appearance. While our programs are far-reaching in searching out local species, they cover just a sliver of the diverse bird populations in North America. Travel with our knowledgeable staff and like-minded peers to enjoy new birding opportunities and once in a lifetime experiences!

We maintain a low participant-to-leader ratio for all of our overnight programs. As a result, our guests have an easier time finding and seeing wildlife, and leaders have more time for individualized interactions. 

For more information or to register, contact Kathy Seymour by email or by calling 781-259-2207.

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Women's Birding in the Adirondacks

June 22–25, 2018

Spruce grouse
Spruce grouse

On this exciting trip, we will immerse ourselves in the rich wilderness of the Adirondacks and nearby grasslands looking for regional specialties. High summits get us into the limited breeding range of Bicknell’s thrush and many other species. What can be better than summer in the mountains? Especially with such great birding!

Led by Kathy Seymour & Leslie Bostrom

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Coastal North Carolina: Painted Buntings to Tropicbirds

July 19–23, 2018

Black-necked stilts in Cuba (Photo: Bob Speare)
Black-necked stilts (Photo: Bob Speare)

Join us for a spectacular trip to eastern North Carolina and the Outer Banks. We will bird the woodlands of Croatan National Forest and the Great Dismal Swamp, along the coast, and in the Outer Banks. The highlight of the trip will be an all day boat trip to the Gulf Stream with east coast pelagic expert Brian Patteson. 

Led by Strickland Wheelock & Barrett Lawson

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Migration Hotspots on the Atlantic Flyway: Hammonasset & Jamaica Bay

August 20–22, 2018

Snowy egret at Jamaica Bay NWR © National Park Service
Snowy egret at Jamaica Bay NWR © National Park Service

This trip highlights the best of migration on the Atlantic Flyway. We will bird Jamaica Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Hammonasset State Park, and other critical stopover sites on the New York and Connecticut coasts. These urban oases concentrate large numbers of shorebirds, wading birds, raptors and songbirds into a small area, making it a birder’s dream. 

Led by Strickland Wheelock, Kathy Seymour, & Tia Pinney

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Southern Idaho: Mountains, Desert, & the New Cassia Crossbill

September 20–24, 2018

Sawtooth Valley in Idaho © Acroterion via Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Sawtooth Valley in Sawtooth National Recreation Area 
© Acroterion (via Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 3.0)

The Cassia crossbill—recently split from the red crossbill—is the main focus of our trip to southern Idaho, though by no means the only highlight. The combination of forests at elevation, sagebrush desert, juniper slopes and agricultural land provides the opportunity to see almost all of the northwest specialty species. Even more, tens of thousands of waterfowl and shorebirds stop at lakes and reservoirs during fall migration.

Led by Strickland Wheelock, Kathy Seymour, & Tia Pinney

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2019 Trips—Coming Soon! 

Make room in your calendar for our 2019 trips! More information and trip details will be posted in the coming months. All trips will be led by Strickland Wheelock, Kathy Seymour, & Tia Pinney.

South Texas Rarities: The Gulf Coast & Rio Grande Valley
Early February 2019 • 8 days

The Rio Grande Valley and the southern Texas Gulf Coast are located at the confluence of two main migratory flyways and at the boundary of four major climatic zones. With a large variety of habitats, this produces innumerable opportunities for spectacular birding. Texas specialties, large numbers of resident and wintering birds, and spectacular scenery make the Gulf Coast and the lower Rio Grande River Valley an incredible place to visit! 

Nantucket Birding Weekend
Mid-March 2019 • 3 days

Nantucket in the late winter is a charming town, as well as a birding delight. We’ll begin our trip on the Upper Cape and take a ferry to the island where we’ll spend the weekend exploring all of its nooks and crannies. In the past, we’ve seen over 130 species of birds on this trip. The variety of birds and off-season beauty will keep drawing you back to this magnificent island.

Southern Arizona: Owls, Hummers, Hawks, & More
Late-April 2019 • 8 days

On our trip to southeastern Arizona, we’ll explore forested mountains, dry creek canyons, lush riparian sites, and arid scrub desert. Visiting these diverse habitats will give us opportunities to see mountain species. Magnificent scenery combined with birds found nowhere else in the country make this an unforgettable trip.