Published on November 19, 2020

Willa Rapp Named Drumlin Farm's "2020 Volunteer of the Year"

Willa Rapp, Drumlin Farm's "Volunteer of the Year" for 2020
Willa Rapp

Thank You, Willa!

We're happy to announce that longtime volunteer Willa Rapp has been named Drumlin Farm's "Volunteer of the Year," receiving the Jonathan Leavy Award for Outstanding Volunteer Contributions.

The Jonathan Leavy Award is bestowed annually to a volunteer who has made significant contributions to Drumlin Farm during the previous year. Jonathan Leavy (June 23, 1943–June 29, 2016) volunteered at Drumlin Farm for eight years, caring for our livestock and using his considerable carpentry skills to benefit the farm. 

The award winner carries on his legacy by being a committed individual who demonstrates dedication, has a positive attitude, works collaboratively with staff, and makes a positive impact on the sanctuary.

This year's recipient, Willa Rapp, has demonstrated all of this and more during her seven years of service. As one of our stalwart livestock volunteers who focuses on chores in the Crossroads Barn and Poultry House, over the past seven years Willa has contributed over 1,600 hours of her time. In addition, she has also volunteered at numerous special events—from the Sap-to-Syrup Pancake Breakfast to Tales of the Night. This year, she provided invaluable help with our livestock and as a member of our Spring, Summer, and Fall CSA Farmshare

Willa not only gets the chores done, she does so with a smile and a cheery attitude that makes her a joy to work with.

From all of us at Drumlin Farm, thank you Willa for spending your extraordinary and generous time and energy at the sanctuary. Our volunteers are vital and impactful members of the Mass Audubon team of which we are eternally grateful.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Willa on your next trip to the farm!