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Thanks to a generous grant from the Intel® Involved program Drumlin Farm was able to purchase and install two wildlife cameras on the property in 2009. Now that the cameras have been up and running for a while we’re starting to amass a variety of videos to add to our virtual library. The videos are also accessible from a kiosk inside the Farm Life Center building.

The goal of the project is to use technology to bring people closer to the natural world in innovative ways. It’s also wonderful tool for those not able to physically visit the sanctuary, and for everyone to see what happens on the wildlife sanctuary when no one is around! Our wildlife cameras capture behind-the-scenes action day and night in hidden corners of the sanctuary.

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Wildlife Videos

Farm Videos

Featured Video:

Young Racoons Playing at Night


Wildlife Videos

Wild Turkeys


White-tailed Deer




Red Fox Call


Fox Den


Farm Videos



From the Top video: Ku Ku for Chickens and Saxophones