Daniel Webster Owl Quest

Secret Trail Boadwalk © B Messinger

→ Due to repeated vandalism, this Quest has been temporarily removed. ←

Questing at the Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary means moving from habitat to habitat. The grasslands share a landscape with a pond. Beyond the pond is the red maple swamp. As the habitats change, so, too, do the wildlife communities that inhabit them. This owl quest will bring you directly into the heart of that special creature's favored habitat, the red maple swamp that is home to great horned, eastern screech, barred, and long-eared owls. They may not be easy to see by day, but their presence can certainly be felt when one walks through their favorite hunting grounds.

This is one of twelve Mass Audubon Quests, designed to help you discover the special stories of our wildlife sanctuaries. On an hour-long walk, you'll follow the rhyming clues to navigate and learn about this sanctuary's wildlife, habitats, and land use history. You can download this Quest here, or pick up a printed copy at the sanctuary. Enjoy your adventure!