Published on December 13, 2017

2017 in a Nutshell

Tanglewood Takes Flight bird walk © Andrea Minoff
Bird walk at Tanglewood Takes Flight © Andrea Minoff

What you have helped us do this year has been amazing.

And I suspect that, like us, you have been so busy contributing and participating, volunteering and supporting, that you may not have taken the time to celebrate our progress.

Highlights from 2017

  • We now have six wildlife sanctuaries in the Berkshires: Pleasant Valley (Lenox), Canoe Meadows (Pittsfield), Lime Kiln Farm (Sheffield), Old Baldy (Otis), Cold Brook (Sandisfield/Otis), and Tracy Brook (Richmond).
  • We brought science and nature programming into schools, libraries and community centers. We reached more than 1,250 students through our Berkshire Environmental Literacy program in 20 schools throughout Berkshire County.
  • We collaborated on creative new projects that united the beautiful nature and ecology of the Berkshires with vibrant culture through partnerships like the Tanglewood Takes Flight series of music and bird walks, and The Mastheads writers’ studios at Canoe Meadows.
  • We trained college students and citizen scientists in wildlife monitoring to better understand distributions of and threats to grassland and cavity-nesting birds, wood turtles, terrestrial salamanders, and mammals.
  • We teamed up with towns, businesses and conservation partners to identify new educational and recreational opportunities for residents and visitors, including hiking and snowshoeing programs, the Wild Thing 10k/5k, weekly bird walks, and the development of new trails.

All Thanks to You

By contributing to our efforts you brought energy, diligence, curiosity and creativity, for which we thank you. For all of you who share our passion there’s more in store, but we need your help to keep our momentum.

To help us meet the needs of today and the dreams of tomorrow, we hope you will remember Berkshire Wildlife Sanctuaries when you consider a year-end gift.

Here’s to working together in 2018! I cannot wait to get started.


Becky Cushing
Berkshire Wildlife Sanctuaries Director

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