Bird Adaptations, Identification and Habitat

Students will observe wild birds in a field, a forest, and a marsh. They will explore how these areas meet the habitat needs -- where birds find food, shelter, water and space -- and learn about food chains and other interrelationships among birds and other organisms within these three natural communities. Students may learn about how scientists study birds throughout their migration range. (*Abundance of birds cannot be guaranteed.)

Fall and Spring

Program Location(s):

Broadmoor, Natick




  • Children - $ 9.75
  • Adults - $ 6.00
  • 1 free adult per 10 students

    There is an additional flat fee for having an ornithologist meet with the students. Rate depends on number of students.

Curriculum Frameworks:

3-LS3-2 - Heredity--Inheritance and Variation of Traits - inhereted/env. influnced characteristics
3-LS4-2 - Biological Evolution--Unity and Diversity - individual variation relates to survival
3-LS4-3 - Biological Evolution--Unity and Diversity - env. constraints on organisms survival

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