Beaver Habitat

Children will see how beavers change the landscape to meet their own needs. They will meet our mounted beaver, find chewed trees, and learn to tell the difference between a lodge and a dam, while investigating around the ponds in our brook.


Program Location(s):

Broadmoor, Natick


K, 1, 2


  • Children - $ 9.75
  • Adults - $ 6.00
  • Prices valid Sept 2018 - June 2019
    1 free adult per 10 students

Curriculum Frameworks:

K-ESS2-2 - Earth's Systems - organisms change env.
1-LS1-1 - From Molecules to Organisms--Structures and Processes - function of plant/animal body parts
1-LS1-2 - From Molecules to Organisms--Structures and Processes - animal behavior effects survival
2-LS2-3 (MA) - Ecosystems--Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics - how plant/animals depend on surroundings

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