Published on September 12, 2019

The Birds of Cuba: A New Era for Knowledge

Cuban Tody © Nils Navarro
Cuban Tody © Nils Navarro

Friday, September 20
7:30-8:30 pm

Enjoy an evening at Broadmoor with artist and author Nils Navarro as he presents selections from his latest book, The Birds of Cuba. Each species features beautiful photographs and newly updated information. 

Cuba is the Caribbean's largest and most ecologically diverse island—a paradise for the visiting naturalist. There are more than 285 regularly occurring bird species and 23 species are found nowhere else. Unique and important birding areas such as the Zapata Peninsula, and the beautiful western province of Pinar del Rio, host such colorful and unusual species as Cuban Trogan, Cuban Tody, and Fernandina Flicker.

Much has been learned in recent years thanks to new scientific approaches and conservation efforts as well as through citizen science and the roles of eBird, digital photography, and social media. Come discover the wonders of Cuba's native birds!


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