Published on March 1, 2018

Natural Selection of Birds—Darwin's Finches

Students participating in Darwin's Finches school program © Lisa Moore
© Lisa Moore

In this program designed for children in Grade 3, one of Broadmoor's teacher naturalists will come to your school and transform your class of students into finches living on the Galápagos Islands!

Through the use of hand-puppets, each student "bird" will try to feed on the islands using their specific behavioral and physical adaptations. Depending on success, the birds will decide if they stay or migrate to find the best environment to meet their needs.

Through the simulation, students experience the variety of challenges, competition, and success that drive evolution and survival in nature. Students use worksheets to collect data and discuss the variables that influenced the likelihood of their bird’s survival.

To book this program, contact the Broadmoor's School Education Coordinator by email or by calling 508-655-2296. Program runs 60-75 minutes.

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