Broad Meadow Brook Quest

Frog Pond Boardwalk at Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

Experience fun for your brain and exercise for your body on Broad Meadow Brook's gentle Quest. The loop takes you through shady woodlands, across brooks, and beside a frog pond. Search for one of 78 species of butterflies on the sanctuary, listen for birds, notice how humans have shaped the landscape, and peer into ponds to find frogs staring back at you! Broad Meadow Brook's Quest loop is beautiful in all seasons. The Quest loop, which is slightly less than a mile long, includes an all-person trail for the first quarter mile.

This is one of twelve Mass Audubon Quests, designed to help you discover the special stories of our wildlife sanctuaries. On this walk, you'll follow the rhyming clues to navigate and learn about this sanctuary's wildlife, habitats, and land use history. Enjoy your adventure!