Butterflies for Grades 6 - 12

Students will learn about the life cycle of butterflies. Students will gain an understanding of the stages and processes butterflies undergo during complete metamorphosis, in comparison with other species that undergo incomplete metamorphosis. Students will be introduced to the differences between butterflies and moths. Through observation, students will examine butterflies at various stages in their life cycle.
Students will have the opportunity to participate in an ecological management project that supports butterflies. These projects may include creating a garden that attracts butterflies to schoolyards or backyards, or participating in a citizen science butterfly monitoring project. Student projects and participatory activities will be customized for grade level and to align with curriculum needs."

Program Location(s):

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6, 7, 8


  • Children - $ 5.00
  • Adults - $ 0.00
  • $5 per child per hour
    Teachers/Chaperones are free

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