Students will be read a story, either "The Honeybee and the Robber" by Eric Carle or "The Honey Makers" by Gail Gibbons. Students will then make a honeycomb (gluing Honeycomb Cereal on a pre-printed bee hive) or an inside scene of a hive (an egg carton cut into 4's showing the different developmental stages of a honey bee.) Students will then be taught bee dances and practice them in the classroom.

Program Location(s):

Broad Meadow Brook, Worcester
Your school or other location


Pre K, K


  • $5 per person per hour
    Teachers and Chaperones are free.

Curriculum Frameworks:

PreK-ESS3-2 (MA) - Earth and Human Activity - people's activity impact on local env.
PreK-LS2-2 (MA) - Ecosystems--Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics - how familiar plant/animals meet needs
PreK-LS2-3 (MA) - Ecosystems--Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics - local plants/animals interdependence

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