Nature Play Area at Broad Meadow Brook

Nature Play Area at Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

What is a "Nature Play Area?"

Nature Play Areas add more ways for people to connect with nature by encouraging self-directed, informal play.

Unlike static, traditional playgrounds, nature play areas give children the chance to solve problems and construct their surroundings through natural elements and unstructured exploration.

Explore Our Nature Play Area

It’s all about building at Broad Meadow Brook. Create mini cities with found bricks or design gnome homes with moss, leaves, acorns, and anything else found on the ground. Taking a cue from a traditional playground, a wooden two-seater swing let you soar like the birds above.


Follow the Holdredge Trail to find the Nature Play area. Along the way you will find our tree chairs and swings.

Good to Know

The surprisingly comfortable tree chairs were made of trees that were cut down to keep the forest healthy.