Published on January 21, 2020

Sanctuary Hosts Youth Climate Summit

Students working on Action Plans at Climate Summit © Phil Doyle
© Phil Doyle

On Saturday, January 25, high school students, educators, and Mass Audubon staff gathered for a Youth Climate Summit at the sanctuary.

The Youth Climate Summit—one in a series taking place at Mass Audubon wildlife sanctuaries across the Commonwealth—is student organized and driven, designed to create opportunities for learning, conversations, empowerment, and youth-led action on climate change in participating schools and the communities they serve.

Broad Meadow Brook hosted workshop sessions from local and established environmentalists, whose themes tackled issues such as energy efficiency, waste management, and how to implement climate-friendly projects in students' own schools and communities. From these workshops, student groups created Climate Action Plans that they can implement to help lower their school's greenhouse gases, adapt to more extreme weather, protect natural lands, and so many other necessary measures we all need to take.

"Mass Audubon is thrilled to host this dedicated and inspiring group of young climate leaders," said Climate Change Program Director Alexandra Vecchio. "At a time when the science is dire and the impacts of climate change are felt daily, it is easy to look around and say there is no hope."

"But our Youth Climate Summits tell a different story. These Summits are solution-focused and youth driven. They provide young people with the opportunity to connect with other leaders in their community and implement bold solutions that address the climate crisis and make a real difference in their community."

Mass Audubon, the state's largest nature conservation nonprofit, recognizes climate change as the 21st century's greatest environmental challenge. But this global threat also presents many opportunities, ambitious and modest, for individuals of all ages, groups, and communities to get involved in meaningful ways.