Broad Meadow Brook Sensory Trail

Before Broad Meadow Brook became a wildlife sanctuary, it was home to farms.The Holdredge family was the most recent landowner of the portion overlain by the sensory trail and the Visitor Center was originally a family horse barn. Much of the sanctuary, cleared for farm fields and pastures two hundred years ago,is now regrowing trees. Meanwhile the City of Worcester has steadily grown around this urban oasis, and nature has been resilient. Muskrats, frogs, and nesting warblers coexist with power lines and sewer pipes, and the diversity of wildlife continues to amaze both sanctuary visitors and biologists alike.

This 400-acre sanctuary is a model of modern conservation partnerships,working together to protect wildlife and provide an experience of nature for everyone. We invite you to experience the beauty and wonder of a New England forest, as you explore this sanctuary in the city.


  • The Sensory Trail has a post/rope guide
  • Surfaced in alternating packed gravel and boardwalk
  • First ¼ mile zigzags along a gentle slope
  • Optional stonedust extension leads beyond the post/rope guide to the brook
  • Audio tour
  • Braille signs and tactile maps


  • Butterfly garden where you can listen to the water running in the fountain or smell the flowers
  • A bird blind where you can hear the calls of various birds and watch them at the feeders
  • Holdredge Vernal Pool where you can spot salamanders or wood frogs
  • Benches along the way to enjoy the wetlands or forest sights, sounds, and smells

Audio Tour

You can call and listen to the audio tour on your cell phone as you enjoy the trail. The phone number is 508-713-6099 (your normal cellphone charges apply). The phone tour has a menu so that you can select the stop you would like to hear about.

You can download the Audio Tour and play it on your iPod or other MP3 player.

Tour Stops

Visitor-Center 1.18 MB
Trail-Stop-1 2.16 MB
Trail-Stop-2 1.44 MB
Trail-Stop-3 1.30 MB
Trail-Stop-4 2.26 MB
Trail-Stop-5 1.62 MB
Trail-Stop-6 1.66 MB
Trail-Stop-7 2.93 MB
Trail-Stop-8 1.91 MB
Trail-Stop-9 1.78 MB
Trail-Stop-10 1.81 MB
Trail-Stop-11 1.53 MB
Trail-Stop-13 1.78 MB
Trail-Stop-12 1.15 MB
Trail-Stop-14 1.14 MB
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