Virtual Field Trip: MA Wildlife: Adaptations and Interactions (Grades: 4 to 6)

Massachusetts is home to a wide variety of animals across several ecosystems. Throughout the year, these animals interact with each other while sharing habitats, competing for resources, and even preying on each other. Additionally, many animals have adapted over time to survive in their habitat and properly interact with other animals. In this program, students will discover what animals live in Massachusetts, how these animals interact with each other, and how they have adapted to survive. Students will use scientific data to construct explanations. Through these activities, students will develop an understanding of how wildlife in Massachusetts interact with each other across ecosystems and how these animals have adapted their physical structures and behaviors in order to compete in nature.

Virtual Field trips are 1 hour guided programs led by Teacher Naturalists and include animal encounters or close up looks at natural artifacts.

Program Location(s):



4, 5, 6


  • Children - $ 8.00
  • Adults - $ 0.00
  • $125 for up to 3 classrooms at a time.

    Reduced rate of $75.00 is available for Boston Public Schools or for schools who serve 50% or more students in need.

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