BNC's Year in Review for Fiscal Year 2021

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In the midst of continual transitions in our lives including the impact of the pandemic and climate change, we are reminded of the importance of the BNC, the importance of providing a steadfast Place in Nature for respite, rejuvenation, and renewal.

Seeing how our community has interacted with the BNC and other open spaces during these unprecedented times has renewed our sense of urgency and commitment to ensure access to nature for all. Connection to land, to place and people, continue to have a remarkable impact. It is right here in Mattapan that we can be inspired and awed by nature in our city.

We were able to provide meaningful and robust education in our Pathways to Nature Preschool this year. Even with indoor use restrictions, we offered our outdoor spaces for community members and groups to use. Although we have not reached full capacity in community use, we experienced more families and groups gathering at BNC outdoors.

Despite much of our work taking place virtually this year, our teacher naturalists stayed engaged with students and teachers to provide interactive and informative lessons remotely. In addition, we offered free virtual library programs and increased our outreach to community members by partnering with Blue Cross Blue Shield and the Dot Rx initiative to offer free nature programming to participating families. And consistent with this emphasis on resiliency in a period of significant change, camp and school vacation programs continued to bring children together to explore the sanctuary.

Making our Place in Nature a meaningful one challenges us all to continue to stretch to be an accessible resource for all. To further strengthen our community relations and provide increased services to our neighbors, the BNC is excited to build on our existing work through Mass Audubon's Action Agenda. The BNC will implement the Boston Expansion Plan as part of this overall agenda, with the goal of increasing the number of deep connections we have in Boston’s neighborhoods in the following manner:

  • Protect and steward an increased number of natural spaces in various communities
  • Listen and engage with the needs of the communities we serve in order to continue to provide inclusive and equitable access to natural spaces and nature education
  • Continue on our path to Net Zero and provide community resources to help others mobilize and advocate for their community’s climate change interests

Our gratitude extends to the dedication and generosity of our donors, volunteers, members, youth leaders and staff. As we build upon our groundwork laid, we can swiftly embark on the hard work of strengthening our existing relationships and forging new community partnerships. We remain grateful to you for being an integral part of our community—thank you.

Warmest wishes from all of us at the BNC.