Make the Switch with BNC

What is the "Make the Switch" Campaign?

The Make the Switch campaign is a collaborative effort between nonprofit Green Energy Consumers Alliance and Mass Audubon to help residents take a meaningful action against climate change.

When you Make the Switch to renewable energy, Green Energy Consumers Alliance matches your electricity use with local green power, bringing wind, solar, and "cow power" (anaerobic digester gas) to the New England power grid on your behalf—all without changing your electric utility!

Other Reasons to Make the Switch

  • It's tax-deductible and local.
  • Your payments support local clean energy projects.
  • Wind power, specifically, has the potential to create hundreds of jobs in New England and keep rate-payer dollars inside state lines, and you can support local wind turbines by making the switch.
  • You'll be part of the solution to climate change!

Why One Family Decided to Make the Switch

family photo

The Holman/Kelemen family are Roslindale residents with a strong and growing commitment to sustainable living. Mark Holman, Deb Kelemen, and their son Alistair are all trying to reduce their carbon footprint.

As a family, they agree that the most significant contributor to the size of their carbon footprint is their housing. Heating and powering their home is their largest source of carbon emissions since the power comes from the standard grid, which is sourced mostly from non-renewable fossil fuels.

The Holman/Kelemen family try to live sustainably; however, their heating and energy was negating their other carbon-conscious activities. They were looking for a real solution—solar panels, independent energy—until finally they found BNC's Make the Switch campaign.

As a family, they concluded that the Make the Switch campaign was a fantastic option. In addition to supplementing the household's energy with renewable energy, Green Energy Consumers Alliance is using the funds generated from the program to fund new green energy projects in New England—projects that would not be viable otherwise.

It's also a way for their family to invest in clean energy. "It's not just a symbolic gesture," Deb said. "You're part of an effective community effort to create a clean energy future." 

They adopted the New England GreenStart program, which is a compilation of energy from wind, solar, hydro, and digester gas ("cow power”) sources. Mark states that this mix is a good representation of what the future Massachusetts power supply should be built on. The Holman family is supplementing in order to build a greener future.

"At about $10 a month," they said, "it's a small price to pay for peace of mind." That's why the Green Energy Consumers Alliance program is so valuable! It offers a solution for families to control their carbon emissions created by their energy consumption.

Alistair is concerned about the impact of climate change, and wants to actively fight it. "I hope we can stop using fossil fuels before it's too late," he said. 

Alistair is part of the generation inheriting the mess created by fossil fuels, and he is advocating for us to adopt more sustainable habits today. An easy way to do so is to consider making the switch to renewable energies, and the Green Energy Consumers Alliance program is a viable way to reduce your family's carbon emissions.

That's why the Boston Nature Center—and the Holman/Kelemen family—invite you to Make the Switch!

How Can You Make the Switch?

Call Green Energy Consumers Alliance at 800-287-3950 x5 to make the switch today. You can also visit to learn more.